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MassBudget: Charter School Funding Explained

MassBudget has released a great brief explaining how funding works for Charter Schools in Massachusetts and how it interacts with traditional school district funds. This is an excellent resource for those who are interested in understanding this issue.

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Growing Number of Communities Pass Resolution Against Raising Massachusetts Charter School Cap

Last Updated: November 8, 2016

The following Massachusetts school committees have passed a resolution in opposition to MA Ballot Question #2, which would raise the charter school cap:


Charter School Funding Update

At a recent Citizens for Public Schools Forum, MASC Past President and current Arlington School Committee member Paul Schlichtman gave a detailed presentation on the crippling financial impact of charter schools on public school districts and followed with a discussion on the status of the proposed charter school legislation currently under debate in the legislature and the pending ballot question.


MASC Releases Statement on Charter Reform Bill

MASC has released a statement on Senate Bill 2203, "The RISE Act":

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Here is the a statement from the Senate and additional information about the legislation:

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Charter School Waiting Lists Significantly Overstated

Citizens for Public Schools, a nonprofit education advocacy organization, has released an analysis of the charter school waitlist numbers showing significant exaggeration in pro-charter groups' previous claims.

  • Seven schools included in the DESE total are not Commonwealth charter schools
  • Many students on waitlists may no longer want to attend charter schools
  • Of students on the waitlists, most are not there due to the charter school cap
  • 2000 students on waitlists are supposedly waiting for 10th, 11th and 12th grade seats
  • Many students who apply to charter schools choose not to attend when offered seats

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Fact Sheet: The #TruthAboutCharters

Charter School Guide Preview

Need a useful guide to some of the key facts and fiction about Massachusetts charter schools? MASC's new fact sheet uses data from the MASC Who is Being Served by Massachusetts Charter Schools? Report as well as State Auditor Suzanne Bump's 2014 audit of DESE oversight of charters (pdf).