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Publication Services

MASC publishes a number of documents and periodicals in order to provide our members with appropriate and up to date information relevant to the roles of School Committees as well as public education.

These publications include the MASC Bulletin (a periodical containing recent information for our members),  Legislative Bulletins (up to date information alerting members to actions taken by the Massachusetts General Court), Position Papers (documents containing information on issues or legislation that may be useful to members),  *M*I*S*C* (Management Information for School Committees - the results of an annual survey of school related information), Conference materials, and other informational materials as necessary. MASC also publishes an annual pocket calendar for our members and The Selected Massachusetts General Laws for School Committees and School Personnel, an annual compilation of state laws relative to the governance and delivery of preK-12 public education.

Many of these publications are mailed to members and are available on our website.

MASC also maintains an online bookstore of relevant publications available for sale.