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Field Services

Field Directors are available to meet with school committees and superintendents to address a variety of issues of interest to local districts. Field directors also provide onsite workshops and consultation on topics such as school committee self-evaluation, superintendent evaluation, policy development, education reform, roles and responsibilities and effective meetings. One MASC workshop is "Charting the Course," an orientation program for new and veteran school committee members, developed and presented by the MASC Academy of School Leadership. All workshops are custom designed to meet the professional development needs of each school committee.

MASC members can also contact Field Directors at the MASC office for answers to questions or requests for information, and can also contact Field Directors directly by email or phone. If you belong to a member district and are unsure of your district's field representative, see the Division List to find your district's division and the Field Director representing your district. Click the name of your Field Director below for more information and contact details.


MASC Field Service Directors:

Jim Hardy Tracy Novick Dorothy Presser Liz Lafond