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Advisory Committee on Athletics

To review the operations of interscholastic athletics and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and make recommendations to the MASC Board of Directors. Meetings to be scheduled three to four times per year.

Find the current members of the MASC Advisory Committee on Athletics below. We wish to thank these school committee members for volunteering to serve.

  • William Collamore, Holyoke School Committee, Chair
  • Bernard Hoar, M.A.S.C. Life Member
  • Roberta Doering, Agawam School Committee
  • Debra LaValley, Amesbury School Committee
  • Maurice Hancock, M.A.S.C. Past President
  • Nancy Farrell, West Springfield School Committee
  • Paul Carroll, M.A.S.C. Life Member
  • Joseph Santos, M.A.S.C. Past President
  • John Columbus, Narragansett Reg. School Committee
  • Michael Cavanaugh, Pathfinder Reg. Voc-Tech School Committee
  • Deborah Davis, NE Metro Reg. Voc-Tech School Committee
  • William Flannery, Southeastern Reg. Voc-Tech School Committee
  • Henry Hooton, Northeast Metro Reg. Voc- Tech Sch. Comm.
  • Ellen Furtado, Swansea School Committee
  • Tassos Filledes, South Middlesex Reg. Voc-Tech School Committee
  • Elizabeth Lafond, Holyoke Public Schools
  • Geoffrey Swett, Wareham School Committee
  • David Patrick, Berkley School Committee
  • Karl Lord, Tri- County Reg. Voc- Tech School Committee
  • David Droz, Pathfinder Reg. Voc-Tech School Committee