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Children Discovering Justice 2.0 - Now Revised and Available to ALL K-2 Teachers

Following a year of collaborating and piloting with teachers and district leaders, Discovering Justice is rolling out a revised, open source, standards based civics curriculum for grades K-2. Children Discovering Justice (CDJ) 2.0 is now available on our website. Check it out HERE!

CDJ provides teachers with culturally responsive lesson plans, supporting activities, and flexible and manageable tools to engage students in rich civil discourse and action around issues of justice and equity in students' classrooms, community, and state. The curriculum focuses on key social studies content, practice, and literacy standards through interactive activities, explicit vocabulary supports, and videos of local leaders.

Each grade level is four modules, roughly 15 lessons in total, with 15-30 minute lessons. Piloting teachers have found the lessons and tools easily integratable as a part of the school day, whether it’s in social studies, SEL time, morning meeting, circles, centers, or literacy.

The entire curriculum is accessible online through google drive and created for seamless use with Seesaw and Google Classroom. Learn more on the Discovering Justice website, explore the google folder or watch the TUTORIAL VIDEOS. If you are interested, please sign up using this FORM.

Discovering Justice can partner with your school district to provide professional development tailored to your district's priorities and structures. The PD supports elementary teachers in not just implementing the curriculum, but in how to embed and amplify civics instruction and social studies standards into their practice.

For more Information or to inquire about professional development, contact Education Program Director, Laura Brenner, at or 617.748.9639.